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Tigermed established in Hangzhou on December 15, 2004, and successively set up service outlets in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou, completed the frames of basic organization structure.


In 2005, Xi’an office opened, the employees increased to more than 40 .


In 2006, Chengdu, Nanjing offices set up, and the subsidiary of Shanghai Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd. founded, the employees rose to more than 50.


In 2007, Changsha, Shenyang and Wuhan offices opened, the employees increased to more than 60.


In 2008, Jinan, Tianjin, Harbin, Fuzhou offices opened, and tigermed increased the establishment of HunanTiger-Xiangya Drug R&D Co., Ltd., the employees rose to more than 100.


In 2009, the offices in Zhengzhou, Changchun, Wenzhou, Kunming, Qingdao and in the east coast of USA set up, meanwhile Tigermed succeed in the acquisition of MacroStat (China) Clinical Research Co., Ltd. at that year, the employees rose to more than 200.


In 2010, Nanning, Suzhou Offices set up, and Jiaxing Tigermed Data Management Co., Ltd. established, the employees rose to more than 400 totally.


In 2011, there are 16 offices of Shenzhen, Amoy, Dalian, Wuxi, Shijiazhuang and etc. opened, the subsidiaries of Hangzhou Simo Co., Ltd., Tigermed Research Institute and Hongkong Tigermed Co., Ltd set up in the same year, employees rose to more than 566 totally.


In 2012, Tigermed was listed in Shenzhen ChiNex with stock symbol 300347, meanwhile, new offices opened in Hefei, Ningbo, and Taiwan, the subsidiaries of Shanghai Tigermed Medical Consulting Co., Ltd. and Fantastic Bio-imaging Co., Ltd. set up, the employees rose to more than 700 totally.


In 2013, the offices in USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore , etc. opened, and the subsidiaries of Taiwan Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd., Talent MedConsulting, Canada Tigermed Clinical Research Co., Ltd., Tigermed- IntelliPV Co. , Ltd., BDM Consulting, INC., Tigermed Korea Inc., Tigermed Australia Pty Ltd., Tigermed Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Tiger-Xinze Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and TigermedMacroStat, LLC. established at that year, the employees rose to more than 1000.


In 2014, new offices in Changzhou, Nantong, Foshan, Linyi and Changshu opened, the 120-million- yuan Jiaxing Data Management and Biostatistics Park with 25,000 square meters launched in Jiaxing , Zhejiang province. Meanwhile, Tigermedsucceed in the acquisition of Frontage Laboratories Inc. from abroad, took over Beijing Canny Consulting Inc. and Shanghai Suntone International Logistics Co., Ltd. in domestic. Moreover, Tigermed Smart Medicine Institute and Jiaxing EDC Computer Technology Co., Ltd. set up, Total headcounter rose to more than 1400.


2015, new offices in Yinchuan, Baotou, Anqing, Bengbu, Zhenjiang, Liuzhou and Zhongshan , Tigermed was awarded Hangzhou famous trademark title. Tigermed succeed in the acquisition of South Korea's largest CRO company of DreamCIS Inc., In China, the establishment of Hangzhou Wang Ji Health Technology Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Tai Ji Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd., the acquisition of BMD Co., Ltd. Total headcounter rose to more than 2000


2016, new offices in Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Huaian, Taizhou, Yancheng, Zhanjiang , Teddy Clinical Research Laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Established. Total headcounter rose to more than 2500


2017,it added Binzhou, Liaocheng and Weihai service outlets. In May, Taizhou Jietong Terry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was acquired. In November, Tigermed Swiss AG, a subsidiary in Switzerland, was established and the number of employees increased to 3,200.