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Tigermed clinical operation department is composed of numerous highly qualified and experienced CRA & Project manager team, it also has a intact quality assurance and quality control system to ensure all the clinical trial related activities compliance with ICH-GCP and the Chinese GCP. Tigermed supplies full clinical trial service to meet various needs of international and domestic pharmaceutical clients.

Tigermed has completed project management system, good relationship with study sites, and widely distributed offices. By delivering faster, more efficient site support and data oversight, Tigermed can make sure trials being executed efficiently and cost effective, as well as enable best management on large scale studies.

Services Scope

• Preparation of fundamental clinical trial documents (protocol, case report form (CRF), informed consent, etc.)

Clinical trial start-up (To choose principle investigator, clinical site, investigator meeting organization,

  ethics committee declaration, sign contract with the clinical site)

Clinical trial monitoring
Clinical trial project management
Clinical trial audit and quality control management

Therapeutic Areas


Others includes ENT, rheumatology, gynecology, orthopedics, psychiatry, stomatology, anesthesiology, dermatology, nephrology, surgical, ophthalmology, medical devices, nutrition division, etc.

Experience in Large-Scale Studies

Experience in Innovative Drugs

Tigermed is recognized as “The Innovative CRO” in China due to our involvement of 50 innovative drugs (36 NCEs and 14 NBEs).

Therapeutic areas include: HBV, oncology, endocrine, cardiovascular, AIDS and etc。