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Specializes in professional medical imaging services for clinical trials utilizing medical imaging as part of efficacy endpoints assessment.

Service Scope
Modality includes CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT,
  SPECT, X-ray, DSA, US/Echo, Endoscopy
  and digital photos etc.;
Phase: I, II, III and IV

Imaging acquisition protocol design for specific study;
Consultation on medical imaging requirements in the study protocol;   
Site imaging acquisition capability evaluation;     
Site training for a specific imaging protocol;
Collecting and managing independent imaging QC;  
Professional consultation regarding specific imaging evaluation
Criteria in an individual clinical trial (e.g., modified RECIST);
Independent Radiology Review Charter development;  
Design and programming imaging EDC/eCRF;
Managing and conducting independent imaging analysis;   
Data management plans;
Delivery of the imaging analysis results to client or pertinent trial approval agent;
Full trial supporting documentation;

Offering professional Radiology guidance throughout the entire clinical trial;
Process strictly adheres to FDA/CFDA guidance;
Standard oncology packages that significantly reduce development time
and cost;
Validated review systems designed
Specifically for clinical trials;
Auditable and reproducible reviewing results;
Significant reducing of evaluation variability and keeping a complete database record and storage;
Remote reading capability

Working with designated clinical CRO closely to ensure the reliable and accurate final trial results which incorporate all

  pertinent information;

Independent Reading Criteria
RECIST (1.0, 1.1) and modified RECIST
Tumor Volume or Area Calculation
Organ volume Calculation