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The first eCRF operated on different operation systems and mobile terminals
The first eCRF integrated with voices and photos
The first eCRF integrated with OCR

The first eCRF driven by active icons



Data capture: Data can be captured via keyboard, camera and microphone
Optical Character Recognition: Data can be read into database via OCR
Lab normal range: Personal based lab normal range management which will reduce the number of queries
Visit window: eCRF fill in reminding; auto query when out of visit; visit window auto-close for early termination
Patient diary: Patient diary and ePRO integrated
Data management: Data management process driven by active icons
Edit check: Powerful edit check function; run time edit check and data query
Authorization management: The right authorization for the right people to ensure match GCP requirements

Data output: CDISC ODM standard SAS data output



Operating on different system (Windows, IOS, Android and Windows Phone) and mobile devices
Optical character recognition integrated
Multimedia material capture and uploading
IWRS system integrated
Faster, more stable and safer system based on cloud computing
Data management process driven by active icons
Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

• Seamless combination with eDaily/ePRO and IWRS