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Tigermed is committed to respecting your privacy and personal information safety and providing you with the best possible service. For example, Tigermed will apply the information collected through website operation so as to better respond to your customer service survey, communicate with you on your customer service requirements and our website activities, and will also utilize such information for the purpose of publicity and promotion, optimized management and survey on the other special aspects of this website. In addition, Tigermed may use the information to prevent possible prohibited contents and illegal activities, strengthen the implementation of service regulations and clauses, settle disputes, protect lawful private property rights and interests, and solve the problems arising from the transaction activities Tigermed is involved in.

Tigermed may disclose specific information in some very rare cases such as at government authority’s request and judicial investigation orders specified by law, or for the purposes of executing the policies of this website or protecting others’ rights, property and safety. Tigermed will also share information with the companies assisting in fraud prevention and investigations and respond to court orders within the law so as to strengthen the management policies of the website or protect other peoples’ rights, property or insurance. In the meantime, Tigermed will share information with companies to assist in protection or investigations. Tigermed will not disclose information to companies or agencies which take aim at sales promotion and commercial purposes.

Tigermed will protect your personal information in a very careful manner. The risk that a third party may intercept messages by illegal means still exists, although Tigermed will make every effort to avoid its occurrence. However, it is such a real problem in all the applications of the Internet that Tigermed cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of any information you send. Risks arising from the transmission of any information will be your sole responsibility. Especially, Tigermed will adopt all reasonable preventative measures to ensure your information safety. Unless there is negligence on the side of Tigermed, it will not be liable for the loss to you and any third party caused by the illegal trespass on the information provided by you.

Tigermed will never send you any email demanding your login account and password. Once you have received such an email, under no circumstances should you make a reply. To help us fight against these fraud actions, please forward the original email to bd@tigermed.net for our further investigation.